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Become a Mentor

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Career Track

Ready to empower another aspiring
Senior Engineer?

Become a Mentor

Invest in the career growth of brilliant mid-level software engineers.

Our Mentorship Process

We connect brilliant software engineers with top engineering mentors to aid accelerated career

Our mission is to expose software engineers to the skills required to attract and excel in world-class companies across the globe.

Our mentors are from

Mentor a software engineer

Join other top Engineering leaders to mentor the
next generation of African software engineers.

Project-based learning

Helping students become independent learners by encouraging students to develop ownership of their sessions and not allowing them to rely on the tutor for their success in the course

Peer mentorship

Offering supportive and collaborative learning environments where students feel safe to interact, have an opportunity to make friends and learn from each other

Access to our TalentQL Network

Become part of our large community of vetted top mentors & tech talents and get priority consideration for top global job opportunities.

Invest in the next generation of Senior Engineers.

Be a part of the success stories of brilliant software engineers across Africa.
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