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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I need to pay to join the program?dropdown
We have designed 3 separate plans so you can choose your most preferred option. They are:
  • An Upfront Payment of $2,800
  • A Subscription Plan of $3,500 (to be paid within the duration of the 6-month program)
  • The ISA: Here, the sum of $5,000 will be paid in installment over a 12-month period. Only available to Software Engineers in Nigeria Terms and Conditions apply.
What is the registration process like?dropdown
Getting you ready to start your Pipeline journey is a pretty simple process. After you fill the application form, we’d reach out to you with details on when and how to take a technical assessment where you will get to show off your skills. After this, we’d have a quick call to get to know you better, and you’re set to go.
Do I have to leave my current job to be part of the program?dropdown
No, you do not have to. The Pipeline program is designed in such a way that it allows you the flexibility of combining your day job with the engagements you’d be having with the program easily.
How long will the pipeline program run?dropdown
The Pipeline program will run for a projected timeframe of 6 months.
Do I need to have coding experience to apply?dropdown
Yes, you do and a minimum of 3 years professional experience is required. The aim of the Pipeline initiative is to upskill intermediate software engineers to senior software engineers.
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